SL 707

It’s Demo Day here in Apt. 11D. I have an autistic kid who is freaking out about the mess and the change. “IT’S RUINED! MY HOUSE IS RUINED!” And there are waves of dust slipping around the useless sheets of plastic barriers. My head cold is two steps away from a sinus infection. How come my Demo Day isn’t the joyful event that happens on “Fixer Upper?”

The #MeToo movement reaches its hand back in time to get Clarence Thomas.

Really interesting commentary on assault weapons from an army veteran.

I saw Black Panther this weekend and was a little disappointed. It was boring. I fell asleep.

I’m all about black and natural accents in this new kitchen.


SL 706

I’m in between articles. I have one article that is still sitting on an editor’s desk waiting for edits, but I haven’t heard anything about it. I have a long term project that needs some attention. But nothing urgent. So, I’m surfing around this week and getting my ducks in line at home and with the kids.

Ian is kicking ass in his engineering class at school, so I’m signing him for computer camps this summer. The computer industry is reaching out to the autistic community more and more, because of their coding mad skillz. I think that is a realistic career plan for Ian in the future.

To get him there, we really need to bring up his reading skills. So, I’ve been reading up on the research and hiring tutors. Did you know that 2/3rds of American kids are not on grade level for reading? Ian has hyperlexia, so he’s great at phonics. His trouble is with reading comprehension, because his language skills are low. So, every day, we read with Ian and break down the text paragraph by paragraph, pull out the idiomatic expressions, discuss the passage, help paint the picture in his head of the story, and then discuss the emotions of the characters. Wish this happened at school, but it doesn’t.

This guy writes this same article every year. FWIW, the Atlantic does a lot of articles about community college. I made a point of discussing the pros and cons of textbooks and technology for the community college student just last month. Eye roll.

Funny review of “Fifty Shades Freed”.

Lots of chatter about Andrew Sullivan’s article this week.

SL 705

editing, writing, and interviewing. Lots of it. Some good things in the hopper.

Right now, I’m reading all the links on this Lawyers, Guns, and Money post on Glenn Greenwald. I kinda want to hear how he lives in Rio. I think he’s an asshole.

Freelancers are especially susceptible to sexual harassment. “As I followed my interview schedule around New York, from coffee shop to hipper coffee shop and then to various lovely Airbnb-bookable lofts, the workers I met from the 1099 economy (1099, because the money arrives piecemeal, rather than through W-2 employment) spoke often about making do with limited recourse.”

Are additives in our food making us fat and throwing off my calorie counter on my Fitbit. Which, incidentally, thought that I was sleeping today, because I didn’t get up from the computer for four hours straight.

SL 703

Only 44% of currently enrolled students would attend their same college again if they had to do it all over again.

Another story about stress on teenagers. Another pathetic adjunct story.

I’m on the fence about attending the Women’s March in NYC on Saturday. The march doesn’t have any clear policy agenda, and everyone is coming armed with signs advertising their own pet issues. I haven’t decided, if I like that feature of the march or hate it.

“Many gifted kids have A.D.D. or O.C.D. or Asperger’s. When the parents are confronted with two sides of a kid, they’re so quick to acknowledge the positive, the talented, the exceptional; they are often in denial over everything else.” Or sometimes the schools only see the disability and put really smart kids in disabled classrooms meant for kids with intellectual disabilities.

Friday Randomness

I am working on an article this week, which took a sharp left turn. I started writing about a small problem. I did a bunch of interviews, and the information took me into a whole new area.  It’s like I’ve been writing about tigers for years and suddenly realized that tigers have morphed into turtles. I’m not sure what to do with the information. Sit on it and write the little article? Write it all up now? Who should I tell about this? Do I really have the right story?  I spent more time thinking than writing this week.

Did you know that there aren’t any organizations or groups, with real power or visibility, that represent the interests of college students?

Luckily, we can afford for me to waste time thinking and not constantly churning out words for dollars, like most writers today. Still, one does have to actually produce something eventually. So, I’m shutting down all distractions for the morning and producing a rough draft, even if it is triple the size of a normal article. I’ll divide it up later.

Does anybody feel a little sorry for Al Franken?

Check out Harry’s post on 529s at Crooked Timber?


SL 701

Why would any parent let their child play a contact sport after reading stories like these?

Libraries don’t want your used books. So sad.

Yes, get the shingles vaccine. I got shingles when I was finishing my dissertation. Stress. It hurts.

What are you cooking this Thursday? I’m side dish girl this year. Yay. So, we’re bringing homemade cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie, sweet potato pie, marinated goat cheese, and wine.

sweet potato pie.png