SL 865

Hi guys. My writing mojo got derailed a couple of weeks ago. We’ve been dealing with some unbloggable kid drama, which fried my brain. The situations are slowly getting sorted out, so I’m starting to feel normal again. Whew. Picked a bad year to try Dry January.

So, what’s going on? I mean beyond Wordle.

Well, the royal family has been doing lots of drama. That’s about the only news that I could handle this week. I’ll write about it, but in the mean time read this piece.

Story from our plumber. He said that he saw a young guy driving a brand new Ferrari. He asked him where he got it. The young guy said, “my dad owns a Covid testing facility.” Plumber said, “Covid is never going to end, because it’s making some people rich.”

Watching: Belfast (loved it), Encanto (one good song, mostly bad), Station 11 (meh), Yellowjackets (watched one episode, wow)

Cooking: Roasted, Crunchy Broccolli. Tonight, shepherd’s pie, because I have leftover mashed potatoes and a snowball of ground beef in the freezer that I want to use up.

Doing: Staying close to home to save money: visiting local pubs, cleaning out the basement, eating up random freezer food with goal of Net Freezer Zero by the end of the month, organizing photographs from 2021 to make albums.

Working: Kids sucked the life out of me, so just getting head back to normal. Writing pitch for two year anniversary of covid. Filling out application for substitute teacher license. Filling out a grant application.