SL 797

Estate sales opened up in New Jersey finally, so I’m taking the day off from writing to indulge in my more lucrative side hustle. I’m going to buy stacks and stacks of books today. Just some links before I run out the door with a purse of cash and a drowsy Jonah, who has been enlisted as my roadie.

Apt. 11D was popular with my good friends at The Washington Post opinion section this month. Helaine Olen linked to us in an article about the demise of Urban Baby blog. And Dan Drezner mentioned us in his June virus diary. Thanks, guys!

Lots of drama this week about the Letter in Harper’s about Cancel Culture. Matt Yglesias from Vox got dragged into some interoffice drama over it, so there was drama within drama. Honestly, I’m getting rather annoyed with both sides of the debate. Just be nice to each other, people. And don’t retweet videos of people being assholes or get them fired. It’s not cool.

Want another take on opening schools in the fall? Here’s an interview with Emily Oster in Politico.

I hope to be back later this afternoon.