SLS 676

This essay by Deirdre McCloskey as she reflects on the last 20 years of life after she transitioned in early 50’s, is so beautiful and sad. How could her children walk away from her? Best thing I read today.

I just downloaded Robert Pondiscio’s How the Other Half Learns. I’ll read it on Thursday during the flight to Chicago for my education conference.

Get ready to hear more and more about trade school. Why? Because a whole lotta students aren’t making it in college.

Post Malone is all over my running Spotify play list at the moment.


Girlie Friday

I’m chugging through a long list of work and personal chores today. All good stuff, but super busy. So, let me just throw up some links to things that have caught my eye lately.

I bopped into IKEA to pick up some pre-holiday entertaining supplies. We spent some time checking out their new SONOS speakers. Ian might get one for Christmas.

We no longer watch television one show per week. We watch them in massive chunks at one time, thanks to the magic of streaming video. In the past couple of months, we’ve watched several seasons of Working Moms and Derry Girls. We finished the Deuce. Now, we’re somewhere in the third season of Schitt’s Creek. All four shows are way better than any crappy sitcom from the past.

If you’re a fan of UK TV, Derry Girls are going to do an episode of the Great British Bake Off.

I’ve got a conference in Chicago next week. Here’s one outfit — blouse, jacket, shoes, pants.

I got this book, as part of a lot that I won in an auction for $1. I almost put it in the garbage, because it’s in rough shape, but then I checked out the title page. It’s a Hebrew bible that was printed in Berlin in 1908. I would love to find out how it ended up in a doctor’s condo in Hackensack, NJ.

SL 766

Lots of IRL chatter about this Andrew Sullivan column. I liked these two paragraphs about Yang:

“The only true bright spot is Andrew Yang — fresh, real, future-oriented, sane, offering actual analyses of automation, trade, and technology that distinguish him from the crowd. Like Buttigieg, I suspect he’d be a superb foil for Trump and could flummox the dictatorial dotard into incoherence and open bigotry. He’s a fascinating character to me. When he’s asked a question, his nearly expressionless, wrinkle-free face, which seems to spring directly from his chest, seems about to offer some canned pabulum, and then almost always responds with a flawless, thoughtful, and entirely relevant, even insightful answer. I’m rooting for him (and Pete), but I’m not delusional.

Yang and “Booty-judge” are the future that possibly has arrived too soon, like Obama in 2007. But neither, alas, has Obama’s aura, emotional intelligence, and natural command. Who even has Bill Clinton’s roguish charm and policy brilliance?”

Cosmo – yes, the boob-happy fashion magazine with a quiz – did a series of interviews with the candidates. They asked all of the candidates, including Bernie, about their skin-care regime. The only person’s skin care regime that I care about is Warren. What does she do to make her neck look so fabulous? I want product names ASAP.

By 2025, the full cost of admission to the University of Chicago might be $100,000.

Impact of rising sea levels in Asia by 2050. Scary map alert.

SL 765

Students are running “side hustles” to afford college. I’ve heard tales about students at NYU doing sex work on the side, but never talked to one of those students. I think it would be a good story. Anyway, a study coming out of the UK said those numbers are rising.

Cranberry pointed us to a new law coming out of CA that puts limits on freelance writing. It wouldn’t impact me, since it takes so freaking long to write my type of articles, but I appreciate that legislators are keeping an eye on it.

Is Warren in a health policy trap?

I have to admit that I’m reading all the stories about Harry, Meghan, and the tabloids. I have to admit that I’m reading all the stories about Harry, Meghan, and the tabloids. One trashy website speculated that the Royal Family Business is purposely drumming up this story to distract from stories about Prince Andrew and Epstein.

Other guilty pleasure? Reading about rich people who have trouble paying their bills.

SL 763

Busy, busy week. Last week, I lost a lot of time kinda mourning my kids’ departure for school. I got used to having the beasties around the house, and it was really quiet when they left. This week, I got over it and had to deal with a work backlog. (Article coming out on Monday at one venue. A big one in the works at another venue.)

That’s why I’m just getting to the blog now. It’s 8:30 on a Friday night, and I’m two glasses of wine into the weekend. Just links for you punks tonight.

Everyone keeps telling me that this running bra is fantastic and cheap. I bought a four pack.

I’m completely addicted to Nicole Cliffe’s tweets. She does a lot of pop culture with an occasional tweet about autism. And, like me, she also reads the blog, Crazy Days and Nights. It was talking about dirtbags like Weinstein and Epstein LONG before everyone else. If you read regularly, it also refers to other people who haven’t gone down yet. I don’t want to get sued, so you’ll have to read to figure it out. She links to a recent post there, which is probably about Don Henley.

I was being a little pouty about having to pay for a subscription to The Atlantic given my history, but whatever. Finally paid, but did it in Ian’s name, so I could get a student rate. Take that! Anyway, I still have to read the George Packer article. I think my article on Monday is sorta the anti-Packer article, but I’m not sure, since I haven’t read Packer yet.

There are quite a few apps and services that were developed for younger people, but are surprising great for old people and disabled people. I’m going to order my mom a month supply of Hello Fresh. She still wants to cook for my dad, but is getting tired of doing the whole thing. They take Ubers into the city now to see their concerts at Lincoln Center. My dad was seriously driving up the West Side Highway going 40 MPH and people were beeping at him. It was time for a change. What else?

SL 761

I’m mostly ignoring my kids, who are still not at school yet (ughhhhh!) and trying to get work done on articles. I’m in research mode today for one piece and don’t have the brain space to write a full blog post. So, just some links today.

I’m fascinated with the market for Masters degrees. Might look at them next. In the meantime, here’s an article about MBAs. Looks like they are in trouble.

My college kid tried to sell his off-campus housing set up last year as a big cost saver. Not. Yeah, it was just a place to party in peace. Not a cost saver at all. Those landlords around college campuses must be making a fortune. The colleges, who depend on those shacks to house the overflow of students, need to monitor matters better.

Sometimes it’s best if college students are randomly assigned a roommate by the college, rather than going through the matchmaking garbage on Facebook ahead of time.

The number of kids in special ed in Flint, Michigan has skyrocketed. Because of lead. It’s the legacy of lead. Those poor babies were permanently damaged. Makes me sick. And now the schools aren’t prepared to teach them? If anybody deserves reparations, it’s those families.