SL 853

I’m not in the mood to write right now, so I’m buying a pile of books at estate sales and posting them on my Etsy Shop. I just sold a nice set of leather books in Swedish for $200. There are currently books in stacks all over my house and the chaos is making my OCD itch. Gotta get to work on that pronto.

Everybody on Twitter is talking about the “Bad Art Friend” article in the NYT. I can’t believe the Times gave the author such a high word count for an asinine story.

The Catholic Church will not survive this.

Back in school after 18-months of remote education, kids are exhibiting behavior problems. Is anyone shocked?

On Instagram, I am addicted to the quirky runner, Erin Azar. Paula Sutton, my other Instagram addiction, pointed me to some super fancy Scottish sweaters and now I want one. Even though I just bought two sweaters that were on major sale at J. Crew.

We’re in a housing crisis. Here in the older suburbs, which are carefully guarded from new growth by residents eager to protect home values and school quality, we are starting to see more growth. I’ll write about those politics soon.

Picture: I only buy books at estates sales, but sometimes I pause just to admire the art of the estate sale ladies as they arrange the sale. More pictures here.