SL 845

Noah Smith has a good newsletter post about a new class that he sees emerging — The Haut Precariat.

There’s another class — people raised middle- or upper-middle class, but… have failed to get on either the income ladder of high-paying yuppie jobs or the wealth ladder of homeownership, and who are thus perpetually in danger of falling down out of the class into which they were born. I want to call these people the haut precariat

Smith said this group has been crippled by student loan debt, the Great Recession, the overproduction of elites, and the ridiculous home values around major cities.  Despite their quality education and wealthy families, they are in danger of slipping down on the income ladder.  (Steve, read this, so we can chat about it at dinner tonight.) 

Gawker is back, so now I know all about the latest style in Hollywood nose jobs

Best tweet that I read this week and forgot where it came from went something like… “My friend came out as trans last year. This year, he came out as autistic, so he really came out as trains.” 

Annie Lowery in the Atlantic has a piece about the burden on that government social services place on recipients. Hell yeah. You wouldn’t believe what those assholes do to parents of disabled kids and adults. And it’s getting worse. I’m going to tie this article to Simone Biles tomorrow. Really. 

I am continuing my own wellness journey this week, which has included daily runs, trivia night with the girls at a bar, and mostly ignoring chores.