SL 814

I’m juggling three depressing, but important articles right now. (I have never worked on a project before where so many people end up crying on the phone with me.) I have to prepare a large shipment of books that are going to a library in a winery in Napa Valley. But I am about to walk away from the computer for a good long hike in the woods with the reward of pizza and wine at a restaurant afterwards. Yes, schools are closed here, but restaurants are open.

The NYT’s Best Books of 2020 list is here.

I’ve got to change my newsletter over to Substack. Right now, I’m using the Mailchimp platform, which isn’t the best platform for writers. Since Substack has a comment feature, I’m think about making it the permanent home of Apt. 11D. Bad idea? Opinions? Some people don’t like this newsletter movement, but it’s just another form of blogging.

On the tube: Finished The Crown. Watched King of Staten Island. Need something new. Hillbilly Elegy is getting back reviews from the woke twitter types, but my local friends are loving it. I might check it out. How can anything with Glenn Close be bad?

Reading: Nothing at the moment. Before I started this article, I was reading up famous disabled people from the past, like Laura Ingalls Wilder’s older sister who went blind. I read one romance novella, too. Once I get to the other end of the mess of interviews and notes, I’ll tackle something new.

Lots of food happening here.