SL 826

This week, I’m in recovery mode after doing a couple of freelance articles. (My last one about boys’ mental health has been doing quite well.) After I take care of some writing housekeeping today (invoicing), I’m catching up on the book-selling side hustle (mailing out $400 worth of books, listing some fancy leather books), working on the non-college chores for Ian (chat with the community college and a private school), and managing our lives (vacation planning, a homemade dinner for the vaccinated parents).

When a friend told me about the super cheap airplane tickets to Florida — $55 round trip! — we briefly considered going down there for April Break. But every unvaccinated college kid in the country has the same idea, so we are now thinking about a Plan B. Maybe Washington, DC or Asheville, NC. This weekend, we’re going to the museums in Philadelphia.

Page Six of the NY Post said that Meghan Markle is networking with Democratic operatives, as she considers a run for the presidency in 2024. (Most people don’t think Biden will run for a second term.) The gossip blogs have been saying that she was thinking about this possibility, when her ambitions to become a Marvel superhero didn’t pan out. They don’t say she’ll win though, just that plans are in the works. Can you imagine what Kamala Harris would do to her in a debate? As I wrote last week, I blame Trump for this. It’s a good thing that she’s not thinking about political office in the UK.

After my insomniac reading habits got me turned onto the royal family, I got more interested in the English lifestyle. I began following various English gardeners on Instagram. The New York Times had a piece in Sunday’s Times about a British gardening show. My favorites on Instagram are Jasper Conran, Paula from Hill House Vintage, and Irene My Life. I’ve even started dressing more British with little earrings, rain boots, and a wax jacket.

I have not yet been successful in activating my ClubHouse account (not sad), so I’ve been getting my fix of the chatting class’s thoughts through various newsletters. Heather Cox Richardson has a nice one this week about the anniversary of Maine’s statehood, and the contributions of Maine abolitionists. Matt Yglesias talks about nursing homes and smart people.

Things that I’m thinking about: community colleges, workplace skills, private tutoring centers.

Watching: Stanley Tucci and Lupin.

Picture: Sometimes a room just demands a Dr. Suess plant in the corner.