Normal, but Still Weird

With COVID levels very low in my neck of the woods and the kids semi-back-to-school, sometimes we feel like the world is back to normal, just with face masks. But it’s not. The weirdness is just below the surface all the time, causing extra work and stress.

Our weekend involved mostly normal activities for us — home projects, social events, and a day trip. Ian isn’t participating in marching band this fall, but that’s the fault of epilepsy, not the virus.

I bought some books from a 12,000 square foot mansion. The owners were downsizing and selling a portion of their million dollar art collection. After some bargaining I bought some old books. Hope I can sell them quickly. Because only 30 people were allowed in the house at one time, I waited 3 hours to get inside. It was worth it just to see the full length indoor pool.

Cocktails with friends, involved two separate platters of food in the backyard. We haven’t seen them in months, because we can only manage one social event per weekend these days. They’re thinking about moving to a coastal town in Delaware, since her job will probably stay remote forever.

We checked in on Jonah, because there was a shooting across the street from his old off-campus house. I’m worried that without students and reduced school security that his college town is becoming too dangerous for the remaining kids.

And we went to our first museum in six months. God, that felt good.

Our latest COVID challenge is to create a faux awesome office for Steve’s zoom phone calls. He finally got a camera on his computer, so his co-workers are going to get a peek into the office he shares with me and the guest bed. I’m hoping by angling the desk properly, we can hide all that.