The Plague is Here, Part Eleven – Working From Home Edition

Tomorrow, we will have two adults, one college punk, and a high school kid all working from home. AT THE SAME TIME. It’s going to be interesting.

Steve has serious concerns about how all the system will handle all those millions students using programs like Zoom and Google Classroom at the same time, while parents are using their own massive programs.

Our wifi crashed yesterday. What’s going to happen tomorrow?

Since people aren’t used to working from home, and I’m a wfh (work from home, in the new lingo) pro, so I’ll share some tips.

We redid the office a few weeks ago. I’ll do a before and after post later. In the meantime, here’s one picture:

Here are my work-from-home tips:

  • Treat every day like a typical work day and follow your typical morning routine – shower, clothes, coffee, regular wake up time.
  • Since you don’t have a commute, you have time for a morning work out. It might be a simple 20 minute walk. But do something. It’s an opportunity for extra exercise, but you’re also missing out on the exercise with a commute. It’s easiest, if you immediately put on your workout clothes when you get out of bed.
  • Clothes. Do NOT wear sweats and yoga pants. Dress for productivity.
  • Do NOT snacks. Eat regular meals, but if you need a break, make a cup of tea.
  • With multiple people in the house at the same time, everybody needs their own space. Everybody has to know the rules. My major rule is that nobody can talk to me when I’m writing. I will destroy you, if you break my train of thought as I get ideas from brain to computer screen.

I’m about to go for a walk with Ian, so I’ll write a bit on this topic and then come back in an hour or two. BTW, you all should do that. Go for a walk or a hike. Keep the immune system and mental health strong!