Question of The Day: 5 TV Shows

I stole this question from Twitter…

If you had to recommend someone watch 5 TV series to really get a feel for you and your tastes what 5 would you pick?

Here are my choices: Continue reading

Question of the Day – Vacation Plans

We’re still tweaking our vacation plans for the summer, because we have to work around college orientation, an Outward Bound trip, and the marching band schedule. We know that we’re doing three days in the North Carolina mountains and three days at the North Carolina shore, though we are still working out the exact days. There will be other smaller trips to the beach and the woods, too.

Question of the Day – What great vacation plans do you have lined up for the summer?

Time To Make the Donuts

It wasn't easy to get everyone out of bed this morning. It took a lot of shaking and loud singing to stir the boys from bed. Steve grumbled and groaned. Now that the house is empty, I have to translate little scraps of papers with notes into a list of chores and a plan for the day. But, first, a short blog post.

Question of the Day: How was your break? Are you glad to return to work or are you hating life at the moment?

Question of the Day: Where to Put the Money

Ac_schnitzer_r56_mini_cooper_s_3-300x213 Steve went into Scrooge McDuck mode this weekend and spent a couple of hours pouring over the financial situation on Quicken. Apparently, we've been very good this year and saved a little pile of extra money. What to do with it? We debated about knocking off one of the student loans, putting it a CD, putting it in the market, or buying something. Interest rates are so crappy, and Steve's very pessimistic about the stock market doing anything for a long time. It might be better to knock out debt right now, rather than invest. Steve would love to get one of these, but the pile ain't that big.

Question of the Day: If Great Aunt Mabel kicked the bucket and left you $10,000 tomorrow, what would you do with it?