Middle Age Flip or Flop

I follow a bunch of lifestyle influencers on Instagram — celebrities who turn their skinny bods and wrinkle-free faces into a profitable side hustle. People like Reese Witherspoon and Gweynth Paltrow have books, products, and massive social media empires that are capitalize on their ability to look nice in yoga pants at age 50.

In a recent post, Reese gave some tips for healthy living. Ina Garten, the cookbook author, responded by that Reese’s tips sounded like too much work.

I swing both ways; sometimes I’m eating cake by the fire. Other times, I’m running and counting my calories on a diet app.

Yesterday, I saw an unfortunate picture of myself chowing down on a burger and slurping down a big beer on our vacation. Ugh. Now, no booze or sugar for me for two weeks. I’m googling recipes for cleanses and detoxification.

It’s hard being middle aged. We can either turn off the selfies on the iPhone and enjoy life. Or we must go into militant mode with rigid food and exercise regimens to keep things from drooping.