We’re All Going to Get it. Prepared?

Hi all! Just a short post today. Hurricane Ida flooded my town yesterday. We’re fine. Just a cup of water in the basement, but Ian’s school closed. It was going to be his first full day in 18 months. He’s very disappointed, so I want to take him out to distract him.

A couple of weeks ago, I was very stressed out that the rising cases of COVID Delta was going push administrators to close schools and that we would be back to living in a cave again. I am not too worried about that anymore. There is zero public support for school shutdowns, so administrators and unions won’t do it. There might be interrupted education with quarantines, but not full shutdowns.

Which is a big relief to us, because kids like mine were totally screwed over by school and service shutdowns. However, I don’t think that COVID is going to go away. I fully expect to get sick sometime in the next year, even though I follow all the CDC random rules of the day.

When the shutdowns were imminent, we prepared by filling the pantry. Since we’re all going to get sick, we should also prepare. The best way to prepare for COVID is to get the jab, of course. There’s no question that it reduces symptoms and reduces the chance of a breakthrough infection.

The next best way is to be healthy. People with a higher BMI have a harder time with COVID.

I started getting healthier back in April. I always exercised and ate well, but I upped my standards big time. Daily runs, no sugar or white flour, reduced wine intake. I didn’t make these changes because of COVID. I just wanted to see if I was very strict about a diet, whether I could actually change the numbers on the scale. (It worked. Still losing.) The new life style is going to come in handy in the virus-world.

I know that GOOP is a popular punching bag, but I actually really love the food recipes on her website and newsletter. Last night, we made this sheet pan chicken. Huge hit. This sandwich looks excellent. In contrast to the Food Network people, she cooks food that I should be eating. Pretty much everything that Pioneer Woman cooks is bad news. Nobody should be eating fried steaks.

I totally bought into the NOOM method of eating — eat a lot of good stuff. Fill up your stomach with steamed broccoli and brown rice, so you don’t crave the cookies.

Because I’m shallow, my real goal from all this is to look hot in tight jeans, but if it also helps me weather the COVID storm then that’s good, too.

Picture: My running path.