SL 813

Bought a bunch of books this weekend. Paid $300. I can make $1,500 for them. I’m annoyed that I didn’t bargain hard enough.

I’ve been chatting about student loan forgiveness on twitter for the past couple of days. I’ll write everything up tomorrow morning. Tonight, I just have some links.

We’re not celebrating Thanksgiving in the traditional way this year. I’ll do a turkey dinner and stuffing and all that for the four of us in the evening. But in the morning, we’re all going to my sister’s backyard for a brunch. I’m making a couple of quiches. Someone else will bring bagels and lox. And please don’t let your guard down! I would rather keep my folks alive and keep the schools open than have a party for 20 in my house.

I’m excited to read Simon Baron-Cohen’s new book, The Pattern Seekers. He makes an argument that the autistic brain was essential in early human development. Temple Grandin already made that argument, but I assume that Baron-Cohen fleshes out that theory. I’m curious. And, yes, my kid tests in the 99.9 percentile for pattern recognition.

I’m hiding a bunch of the less popular root vegetables — parsnips and turnips — in tonight’s chicken stew. Shhhh.

Recipe — Dredge chicken in flour, salt, pepper mixture. Then brown the meat in batches in olive oil in a dutch oven. Then add a little more olive oil and a mixture of vegetables. This stew has onion, parsnip, turnip, celery, various misfit potatoes, garlic. Cook for a while. Add some wine or beer. Stir. Add some fresh herbs – tarragon and thyme here. Put the meat back in. Add a lot of chicken broth. Cook for an hour or so at 350.