SL 796

It was a busy day here dealing with the insurance adjuster, water remediation company and contractor, as we clean up the Great Poop Disaster. I spent hours tracking down replacement costs for things like a power cord for a WiiU and the cost of laundry sorter with wheels for the insurance company. And, because I’m me, I put that information on a three-page Excel chart with hyperlinks to the items on Amazon and Home Depot. That way I know exactly how much it will cost to replace the wet items (answer: $6,000).

I’m in a Sporty Spice sort of mood this week, so I’m wearing Superga sneakers with a short denim skirt.

There is a TON of information about school and college closures for fall. In fact, Rutgers just announced that there won’t be many real classes. I’ll do a whole post on this stuff tomorrow.

I think Ghislaine Maxwell won’t serve time, but she might bring down a whole lotta important people with her. I have to ask. Are all super rich people super-pervs?

Speaking of Prince Andrew, the Royal Family is having a bad day and not just because Prince Idiot. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have decided to remind everyone that the Harry’s Great Grandparents were imperialists, and all that money that they get from Harry’s dad to bankroll their lifestyle has dubious origins.

(picture: Ian helped me take apart, label, and photograph damaged items this morning.)