SL 800

Everything is breaking in our house. Including our Subaru, which was driven in six states in the past three months and has 150,000 miles. The toilet in our bedroom bathroom started leaking and has trashed the wood floor around it. We were planning on redoing that bathroom in three years — after we checked off other items on the home repair list — not now. Our downstairs, which was ruined by a backup in the sewer pipe, is still being put back together.

In short, lots of shopping is happening around here. Some of these expenses are being covered by insurance money. Other expenses are not. But let’s not talk about unpleasant business like money. Let’s talk about cute things.

I need some new fall shoes. A pair or two for practical trips around town, and something cute for a girls‘ trip to wineries on Long Island next week. My favorite way to shop for shoes is to get ideas from the Garnet Hill website, but I might buy them on Amazon to use up some gift cards.

We’re moving furniture around. The living room sectional was moved downstairs to the new media/homework room. So, we bought a new sofa from the living room and a new media console for downstairs. (It’s all 25% off now.)

Stores have adjusted to the pandemic dressing environment by selling a lot more sweats and comfy t-shirts. I bought a bunch of everyday shirts and masks from Old Navy last week, and I actually love all of them. These joggers from the Banana Republic Factory were surprisingly flattering.

Our $14 IKEA chairs in the dining room are falling apart. Not a shocker. So, we’re rehabbing a solid set from the 1930s. Steve glued joints this weekend. Then we’ll give them a quick sand and paint them with Farrow and Ball paint. After I finish this post, I’ll get new seats made at Calico Corner. These are the before pictures.

I’m in between articles, so I’ve been using the time to buy and sell books. I’m looking forward to checking out this estate sale this weekend.

And I’ve been doing lots of cooking. Yesterday, we cooked up pork, potatoes, and lots of veggies for 11 family members. The picture up top was from yesterday. More pictures on my Instagram.