Launching The College Kid Back into the World

This weekend, we took Jonah to college, and I’m rather sad.

Jonah always kept a cool head, despite the fact that he was suddenly ejected from college wonderfulness and forced to live with his middle aged parents and odd brother for six months. He was a major help for me and was my sidekick for that whole time. He’s a total A+ kid, and I miss him horribly.

We helped him pack and shop for food supplies all Saturday. Sunday morning, we loaded the cars up and drove down to his college together.

His college is all virtual, and most of the dorms are closed, but he’s staying in a new dorm that’s run by a private company. Yes, private developers are getting into the dorm game at state colleges around the country. It’s lovely and almost the same price as the crappy off-campus slum that he lived in for two years. The building is still under construction, but it’s done enough for students to move in.

My folks took him to Costco on Saturday, so he has enough ramen noodles for two years.

After we moved his crap up the stairs, Steve and Ian and I left him to settle into his new digs, and we went to the beach for the afternoon. Seaside Heights is the ultimate in over-the-top Jersey shore. It’s the home of Snookie and The Situation. Growing up, we had friends who had a beach house one town away, so I spent long hours trying to win Van Halen mirrors on the Wheels of Fortune and licking the powered sugar from funnel cake off my fingers. But Steve and Ian had never been there before, so it was fun to show them around.

The arcades there are always fun, but now they have VR stuff.

Then we drove back up to Jonah’s college, scooped him for dinner, and exchange final speeches and hugs.

I hope he’s there for the semester. I hope the kids that have remained in the area don’t get each other massively sick. I hope that he’s not lonely. And I hope he comes home soon.