The Lack of Mask Consistency

Yesterday, we went to a Yankee-Cleveland baseball game in the Bronx, and it was marvelous. Overpriced beers. Lazy afternoon with family. The Yanks got totally slaughtered, but we didn’t care.

Even though I moved out of the Bronx when I was five, there’s still a lot of Bronx in me. Those are my people. And look! None of them are wearing masks. The stadium was completely packed. No masks. Not even on the food service people.

And that was fine with me. I’m vaxxed. If there were people in the stadium who weren’t vaxxed… Well, at this point, I think I’ll let God and Darwin sort that one out. I probably wouldn’t take my parents to a large public venue like that, until they get a booster shot, but other oldies were there. So, were lots of kids.

When we went to church that morning, there was no social distancing or masks there either. Broadway opened up again, too, though I think they are requiring proof of vaccination.

So, ball games and church are fully open, and other places are open normally with proof of vaccination. So, why are schools still being so strict? Why are more offices not completely open?

The lack of consistency about masks/distancing/vaccine mandates is all terribly confusing. Since COVID isn’t going away, they really do need to hammer out some consistent sane rules.