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Yesterday, was a big day. 

We arrived at the Bergen County Clerk’s office in Hackensack with the many forms, signatures, and notarization that were necessary to put my name on the November ballot. I brought my boys with me, because I wanted them to be a part of this big moment. 

My name on an election ballot. I still can’t believe it. 

I took some selfies with them, and then the clerk told me that I forgot the last page of the paperwork. I left the page with all the signatures in our copy machine at home. Ugh! I’ll have to go back tomorrow to finish this process. 

We laughed about my error and went to White Manna for cheeseburgers. (Cheeseburgers at White Manna are mandatory when in Hackensack.) 

And then I went home, put together a new campaign newsletter and updated my Facebook page. I’m my own campaign manager and publicist. It’s a lot of work, but it’s all fun.

Now, it’s time to shift gears and get a little writing done. This weekend, I’ll working on my book shop, running a 5K, and trying Ina Garten’s method for grilling steak

I hope you all have great plans for the Memorial Day weekend.


9 thoughts on “Personal Post

  1. Awwww that is awesome that you brought the boys along. Good luck! A friend of mine just ran for school board and lost by about 40 votes (there were three candidates selected, the top vote getter was around 1200 and finishers #2-5 were all somewhere in the 800s. She sort of teamed up with candidate #1 (who was an incumbent) but it didn’t get her across the finish line. Fortunately the book banner candidate finished last, in the 400s. Close finishes are very typical around here – we had an alderman win by one vote this time. Turnout is huge for these!

    I always pay attention and bug a few people to vote who I know wouldn’t otherwise track the local stuff. My parents were active in school board elections and whenever I move anywhere I always check to see who’s running – mainly to rule out the crazy people.


  2. Woah! Have been reading you for many years and only commenting occasionally—but this is awesome. Local government, especially school boards, needs new voices, different voices. Will be cheering you on.


  3. Woah! I’ve been reading you for years but have only occasionally commented—but this is awesome. Local government, especially school boards, needs new people, new voices. Will be cheering you on.


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