Gift Guide 2020 – Pandemic Edition

It’s that time of year for gift guides. Woot! Since malls are now foul places of bad breath and contagion, it’s best for the world and personal health to shop here at Apt. 11D this year.

Here’s the drill for the new people. I’ll list ideas. Some ideas will send you over to Amazon. If you buy that item or anything on Amazon via a link on this blog, I’ll get a small kickback, which I’ll translate into boots for me. Win-win!

So, if you have to buy a gift on Amazon, I would really appreciate if you got to the website from a link here. Here are previous years’ ideas. If you have some ideas for me, please list them in the comment section.

And since I am currently working on the most depressing story in history, this blog will only consist of happy, vapid thoughts for at least two weeks. The first one will go up later tonight.


4 thoughts on “Gift Guide 2020 – Pandemic Edition

  1. Some stuff I’ve gotten or think would be a good gift:

    –Tiptree’s ginger preserves (VERY gingery)
    –foreign candy assortments from Amazon–I’m getting a Japanese, a Mexican and a British one
    –There’s a 7-volume Penguin cloth bound complete works of Jane Austin for $81 right now (warning–the price changes frequently)
    –those cute little Japanese candy-making kits where you make candy sushi, candy donuts, etc. About $5 per kit and very fun for kids 6+

    I like World Market for picking up random items.


  2. When did you take up the “lingering effects of land mines laid decades ago” beat? Or did you somehow find something even more depressing?


    1. I did. I found something even more depressing. It’s disabled people during COVID. I have never had so many people cry during interviews before.


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