Apt. 11D Gift Guides 2019: Camping and Travel

We love camping. We have a large shelving unit in the basement filled with equipment, so we can take off for a weekend trip on a moment’s notice.

Here’s a blog post of one of our trips this summer and another post with products that we use and love.

REI is having a big sale right now. I like their men’s base layer crew top, sleeping pads, women’s jacket, and pullover.

At Amazon, check out the headlamp, tent, sleeping bag, lantern flashlight, stove, and a rooftop car carrier for all the crap.

This year, we traveled to North Carolina, England, Scotland, Toronto, and Chicago. Next year, we’ll do more, because travel is something that binds my family together.

Our current suitcases are ten-year old Samsonites, which I purchased at Kohl’s using Kohl Bucks. I’ll probably upgrade next year. I do love Tumi, but they might be a notch too high of a price point for me. Maybe we’ll do a TravelPro.

As I’ve said before, I love packing for travel. This year, I used a universal adaptor, a travel pillow, travel backpack, packing cubes. I’m looking around for the best travel jewelry case, but haven’t decided which one I love the most.

6 thoughts on “Apt. 11D Gift Guides 2019: Camping and Travel

  1. Check out Delsey luggage at Macy’s – usually on sale and for some reason, much cheaper than TravelPro at the same quality.


  2. For camping and travel, a down jacket that can stuff into its pocket is great. If you can fit it in your bag, it is so much easier to go through the airport and flight. REI does have a good sale now.


  3. I hope you get a cut from the REI links, because I just bought an air mattress from there – the Exped Megamat, It’s been on my list to buy ever since I went camping with friends two years ago and coveted theirs. It was ridiculously comfortable. And – with the sale plus an extra 25% CYBERDEAL19 discount, only $130 (still way too pricey but will be totally worth it if it keeps me from bailing and going to a hotel).


    1. Cool. I think the air mattress was the key to our camping comfortably. I don’t get a kickback on anything but the Amazon purchases. (Thanks to the person who bought a computer last week.) I think there’s a way of setting up a system for getting kickbacks on other services, but I haven’t figure it out yet. Right now, I’m just happy to help.


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