The Return of the Apt. 11D Gift Guides!

All the conditions are right. I’ve turned in an article and can do nothing on it, until the editor hands me my dignity in a trashcan, aka edits, sometime tomorrow. Steve’s home for the day, because the market’s closed for 41’s funeral, so he’s taking Ian to swim lessons. We have lefties — a rather nice pasta sauce with meatball mix (beef, pork and veal) and collard green over shells — for dinner. The hot water is on the stove for tea, and an unopened bottle of red on the sideboard for later in the evening.

Yes, all the conditions are right for blogging about gifts.

You guys know the drill. If you buy something through an Amazon link on this blog — click on the link and then navigate to the thing that you really want — I’ll get a small kickback, which I’ll use later to buy boots. It’s the books to boots circle of life.

Thanks in advance. Let’s have fun tonight!

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