Vacation Plans

It’s summer, and we really should be on the road to the beach or drinking at a pub along the Hudson, but I went and got a damn head cold, so we’re wasting a great summer weekend night at home. Maybe we’ll crawl to the theater to see The Incredibles 2 tonight. Not sure yet.

I would have a glass of wine anyway, but we have none in the house, and I can’t send Jonah to store to get some, because he isn’t old enough yet, dammit, and Steve isn’t home yet and I’m too sick to drive. Sigh.

Where is everyone going on vacation this year?

We’re doing a simple week at the beach this year, because all the moneys have been diverted towards college and kitchen.

15 thoughts on “Vacation Plans

  1. I took the girls to WA for a short trip to see my family (less than a week) and husband is going to be taking the big kids to see his family in BC later this summer for about a week. T got to spend a lot of time with her 3-year-old boy cousin. C (age 15) spent a lot of hours sitting in the back seat of a Ford Focus between T (age 5) and Small Cousin (age 3). We survived.

    I’m mooting a Big Family Trip to WA next summer for all five of us. If we do, we’ll rent a minivan (no Ford Focus!) and get a motel. I’m thinking of trying a day trip to Victoria from Port Angeles.


    1. We used to drive across the country in a van. From Nebraska to Texas (twice), Florida, California, Seattle, D.C., and Banff. It was before people carried if their kids died, so the back could convert into a giant bed and we’d all sleep peacefully without seat belts.


  2. I got nothing. We’ve got college and unemployment. Maybe a trip up to the farm (in the Catskills; family friends). Very dull summer ahead.


    1. We’ve got a job search taking longer than expected and freelance clients going through the inevitable “Why are we spending so much money on contractors?” phase (in a coupla years there will be the follow-up “Why is our headcount so high and why are we spending so much on salary and benefits?” phase), so it’s a near-ish bicycle and camping tour. Probably Magdeburg, which can be reached without changing trains, to Hamburg along the Elbe.


  3. Going to California to see my mother. She is 96, and we are very aware that we won’t have this option forever. Sisters, nieces, nephews, it’s all good!


  4. I haven’t answered the question because I think the answer is none except a quick visit to mom and my sister’s family. I’m switching jobs and completely failed at being unemployed for a bit between the two.


  5. A lot more travel than usual for me this year, which is nice. Road trip to the Florida panhandle with my partner in late May, which was great. Mid-July begins another road trip (actually a multi-stage planes/trains/automobiles trip) with stops to see friends in PA and VA, family in VA (his) and NH (mine), plus the coast of Maine.


    1. with stops to see friends in PA

      The license plates here used to say “You’ve Got a Friend in Pennsylvania” before somebody sued for false advertising.


  6. At some point I’ll go to England to see my daughter who just moved there, and my dad (with whom she’s been living this week until, tomorrow, she goes off her own) and my mum, but not for long. I’ve never flown there in the second half of August and, recently checking, the fares are startlingly cheap. My wife is insisting on a camping trip, but it’ll be just two days. Conceivably two days with my wife away from the kids, but no idea where to go (has to be near, quiet, but interesting….)


  7. We usually spend July weekends visiting (aka mooching off) friends while our summer house is rented, then go to Fire Island for two weeks in August, plus August weekends. My wife (being retired) sometimes spends some extra time there in August. Fourth of July is inconveniently on a Wednesday this year, but my sister is in town, so we will figure out some sort of NYC activity for the day.


  8. NEH seminar for two weeks in DC at the Library of Congress and staying in a hotel nearby. My idea of summer camp for grownups.
    Then the rest of the summer at home.
    Daughter getting married in September so folks are coming to us.


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