Gift Guides 2017 – Intro

So, at this time every year, we (the royal we, because we here at Apt. 11D are making a subtle reference to Harry’s engagement) put forth the Gift Guides. You click on the Amazon links and purchase that  item or any item, and this blogger gets 8% of the purchase. Then, we goes out and buys some badass boots.

It’s tradition. And traditions must be observed. (I have been reading too many historical romance novels lately, because my crap insomnia wakes me up at 1am, which is too late for proper fiction.)

I’m not quite ready yet. So, check out previous years’ Gift Guides in the meantime.

Screen Shot 2017-11-27 at 7.29.15 AM.png

21 thoughts on “Gift Guides 2017 – Intro

      1. dave s. said,

        “Hey! We get the print Post on our steps every morning. The good things in life stay the same…”

        It’s more forgivable in a local.

        Years ago as a journalism student, I had a print subscription to the LA Times and I had to skim through a week’s (!!!) worth before class (we often had current events quizzes). It was a huge stack o’guilt.


      2. This morning, we had a color photo, 7 1/2 x 5 1/4 of Al Franken’s contrition face, in all its stubble-ey glory. On the front page. You can’t really match that looking at the Post online, you really can’t.


      1. Comrade, I think in English that is going by “The House of Government.”

        Конечно, so it is. That’s what I get for commenting on insufficient vodka.

        Even for a connoisseur of big honking histories that’s a doorstop. If my elderly kindle can handle the images, I think that will be the way to go.

        I see that the second volume of Kotkin’s Stalin biography is out. And Karl Schlögel has a new massive and massively interesting book out, but only in German so far.


      2. I don’t think I’ll read it. I don’t mind long histories, but long books about Russians are something I’ve not done well with. I could barely remember which brother Karamozov was which by the end of the book.


      3. “I don’t mind long histories, but long books about Russians are something I’ve not done well with. I could barely remember which brother Karamozov was which by the end of the book.”

        I should probably finish Life and Fate first, since I’m actually a third of the way through, despite definitely sometimes losing track of who is who. That’s the Life part, I figure. (And then The House on the Embankment, perhaps.)

        I got stranded on The Magic Mountain rather than attempting the Karamazovs. Admittedly, it was in German. Weighing against me is that it was a time when I was taking a lot of long bus rides, so I might actually have finished. The lack of Karamazovs has kept me away from The Brothers K by David James Duncan, although I really really liked The River Why.


      1. I’m holding out against it too. Did a big purge a few years ago of counter top appliances.

        I’m a bit of a dinosaur and will stick with my creuset dutch oven for stew-type dishes.


    1. Is the secret to it’s success removing the name “pressure cooker” from a pressure cooker?

      I love my pressure cookers. I recommend America’s Test Kitchen’s _Pressure Cooker Perfection_.

      Looking on Amazon, I see America’s Test Kitchen has a _Multicooker Perfection_.

      As empty nesters, we’re not cooking enough to use the appliances we have.


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