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I’m looking forward to reading the Atlantic’s cover article on how American politics went insane in the membrane.

I  do love the “TV Show Recap” genre of articles. I think the best writers are in that field. Well, after education writers. Here’s a good one on the Game of Thrones. And another one… our friend, Megan, weighs in on Sunday’s episode.

Three hits for Donald Trump this morning:

  • 1) He ain’t got no campaign money. $1.3 million compared to Hillary’s $41 million. Maybe people don’t want to give money to a guy who has bragged for months that he’s too rich to need donations. Well, okay then.
  • 2) Biggest donations towards Trump’s campaign came from companies with names that include the letters T, R, U, M, and P.
  • 3) And he fired his campaign manager just a few weeks before the conventions.

First day of summer. For some reason, my kids believe that IKEA’s breakfasts are fine dining, so we’re heading off there for some horse-meat sausages. Mmmmmmm.

10 thoughts on “Links 671

    1. Individualism is the ideology of both parties. On the Republican side, individualism says, “Don’t tax me” and “Don’t take away my guns”: on the Democratic side, it says, “Hands off my body,” “Safe space” and “No stop and frisk.” Each side postures self-righteously about evil the other is–Harper’s has nothing left intellectually except a posture–and neither can see the underlying similarities.


    2. The parties are not equivalent with underlying similarities. Only one of them has a presidential candidate who suggests that we use religion as a litmus test for entry into this country. With Trump (who won the republican primary) now saying that he (potentially — he’s really incoherent) supports banning some guns and fully supports Social security, I don’t really think that the Republican base position can be characterized as “don’t tax me” and “don’t take away my guns.” Apparently those things are OK, to some degree, if you agree to build walls.

      Putting aside the issue of safe spaces (an idea that doesn’t work in a governmental regulatory scheme) wouldn’t be appropriate to presume that Republican base doesn’t want to be stopped and frisked or have people put their hands on their bodies either? They are just willing to let the government do that to other people, you know, the dangerous people.

      I don’t think that the isolation ideology is the rooth difference between the parties, because I don’t think Republicans are isolationist, rather than xenophobic (and by that, I really mean other-phobic), and in particular, fearful of a world in which their power will, and already is, diminished.


      1. Ok, have it your way. You and Al Sharpton and your friends are all good, your fellow citizens who disagree with you are all bad. Also, you and Joe Biden are really smart; Eugene Volokh and Greg Mankiw are really dumb.


      2. And there’s no way Mankiw (who, among other crimes, has argued for a carbon tax) could be hired by either of the top two Republicans this time around. It’s not 2012.


  1. I’ve loved tv recaps since the days when the now-defunct Television Without Pity was Mighty Big TV. Those recaps were not only the best way to keep up with shows you liked, but a way of reliving the ones you especially loved. They were better than a lot of movie reviews, because they followed the characters the way fans did and could nail what the show was trying to do over time. (I loved the show Everwood, and whenever the director Greg Berlanti would pull out the stops to make you cry, the recapper would say, “Damn you, Berlanti!”) When TWOP was taken down I even saved a few recaps from Sports Night.

    EW does decent recaps, and there are some others that are pretty good, but there’s nothing to replace TWOP.


  2. HEY! You changed the Spreading love to LINKS, I like it! I guess that’s more current, to the point language. 😉 Our kids kinda like eating at IKEA too and we kinda do too, SOMETIMES. (the salmon isn’t awful — only meat I eat, so wouldn’t know about the other stuff. The new veggie meatballs are hmmm… not that great).


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