Routers Woot!

I started cleaning the house back in March. Amazingly, I’m still on a roll. These moods don’t happen very often, so I’m just going with it. I now have new artwork in the living room. We’ve got the beginning stages of a binder-system for all the special education paperwork. The blog and the lesser websites are 90% in order. The boys are up-to-date for doctors’ appointments. I need to deal with some horrible, unspeakable test of the intestinal tract. I’m checking things off the checklist, baby!

Today’s job was dealing with the rickety WiFi system in the house. I knew that our system wasn’t working properly, but things finally crapped out two days ago when an extender died. The only place that the WiFi worked was in the tiny basement office. Ian started racking up huge data overage charges. Without access to his beloved Netflix in bedroom, Jonah was super sad.

I finally set up an appointment with the cable guys to put the router in a sensible place. The router is currently hiding in the farthest corner of the house behind the original cement foundation for the house. Moving it wasn’t going to solve the problem on its own, so I went shopping today. The nerdest salesman in Best Buy gave me Router 101 lessons. He explained that routers need to be replaced every year or so. Our household demands required a much better router (5 cell phones, 2 lap tops, 2 desktops, 3 tablets, streaming TV, gaming). The older N600 models don’ t work anymore.

The router is installed. Sensible passwords are in place. There’s two or three bars everywhere in the house. We’ll see if Wednesday’s cable guy can get up three bars throughout the house. So, another chore that I have completed by 90%. (Yes, this is the biggest first world problem evah.)

Next up — Our jerry-rigged sound system is 15 years old. I need something that will be old school enough to play CDs and connect to the turntable. I also want to connect to Spotify and wireless speakers. I need it to be cute. Still, doing my research on that.

9 thoughts on “Routers Woot!

  1. So, if we got a new router (ours is at least four years old), I would watch the Rockford Files without strange pauses?


  2. We have the wireless Miniboom speaker. I love that I can carry it around with me. It’s got very good quality (not tinny).


  3. Replace the router every year or so? I don’t think so. Checking your signal regularly and updating as needed, sure. Locating it centrally also helps so that you can get the best broadcast range.

    Eldest and I share data. Her summer job has no wifi (major sads for her) but after seeing her data usage zoom up, we had a “talk” and now she’s much more careful because I’ve reminded her that any overage comes out of her paycheque!


  4. What Janice said. “Every year or so” is a scam. Yeah, you probably needed a new one after 15 years, but you won’t need another one next year. Himself (who is a network software engineer) is still running the one we got 10 years ago, and he has pretty intense data usage.


  5. You two are standing in the way of capitalism, you know?

    I agree with you, though. “Every year,” according to the Best Buy salesman.


  6. Laura said:

    “He explained that routers need to be replaced every year or so.”

    Ha ha ha!

    I just asked my husband how often we replace our router.

    “We don’t replace it,” is what he said.


    1. I complained about slow service to the phone company and they sent us a new one for free. I used to have their router hooked to our wireless router, but the new one had both.


  7. Have you set a password for the router?

    I’ve received quite a few spam emails from friends of friends and neighbors over the years. I believe the common factor in their email system being hacked was the presence of teenagers using the same computer system to play games. It’s very embarrassing when it happens. Really, these people did not intend to send me emails talking about pharmaceuticals or this One Weird Trick…


  8. “I need to deal with some horrible, unspeakable test of the intestinal tract.” I just did this yesterday (I assume we are talking about the same thing), as a good preventive health care, YAY YOU’VE TURNED 50 NOW TAKE THIS TEST thing. The prep is not as bad as it used to be, and everything went okay, and now I feel like I do not have to force myself to do anything else difficult for the entire week. Or month.


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