Happy Birthday, Mon Frere!

DSC_0055Jonah turned 16 earlier this month. After the cake, we gave him some gifts. He picked out long board equipment the week before from an online store. That skating gear was his main present, along with some clothes. When the boxes arrived, I wrapped them up without looking inside. Turns out one box contained SAT prep books for his up-coming Princeton Review summer class. Well, he was surprised!


3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Mon Frere!

  1. LOL, I just got some birthday gifts for my kid’s 16th birthday next week–plus I ordered some SAT review books to go with them. Guess it’s the 16yo thing. Baby girl is getting a curling iron even though her hair will NEVER CURL but she refuses to accept that reality. Oh well, it has automatic turnoff for my peace of mind, and she can keep working towards the impossible dream and maybe stay out of my hair till her hormones even out.


  2. I suppose a belated happy birthday is better than none. Also, welcome back. To the extent you went away.


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