Men Get Tenured Over Women With Equal Numbers of Publications

A study from the ASA conference explored the data on gender and tenure in computer science, sociology and English.

Not only are men more likely than women to earn tenure, but in computer science and sociology, they are significantly more likely to earn tenure than are women who have the same research productivity. In English men are slightly (but not in a statistically significant way) more likely than women to earn tenure….

In sociology, she found that the odds of a woman earning tenure were 51 percent lower than for men, when controlling for research productivity. In computer science, the figure was 55 percent. Those gaps are “highly significant,” she said. These figures suggest, Weisshaar said, that it’s not that women have to find ways to become as productive as men, but that women must be more productive than men if they want to earn tenure at a research university.

Wendy sent me the link to this study and a link to Instapundit’s reaction.

6 thoughts on “Men Get Tenured Over Women With Equal Numbers of Publications

  1. Instaputz gets me with the response that shows he totally did not read the article.

    Obviously, the devil is in the details, the metrics/standards the author used to draw her conclusions. But it seems her goal was to make gender the only variable.


  2. I’ve been on search committees where colleagues argued on behalf of a good ol’ boy with no publications over a woman with several — so I believe this and am not terribly surprised.


  3. Colour me unsurprised. In some cases, I’ve heard a woman’s research topics described as “less significant” than that of men’s even when the woman was published in major journals and by a top press. There are many ways to justify a negative assessment of someone you’re not motivated to tenure. There are also likely many other reasons that women get off the tenure track while men stay on. Some of these have to do with hostile environments ranging from the departmental outwards. The leaky pipeline is real for people who don’t fit the norm in many disciplines or work traditions.

    Instapundit demonstrated poor reading comprehension but why should that surprise anyone given his nom du net? Bah.


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