Puerto Rico #2


A view from the rain forest, El Yunque. 


Haters on the Internet

Last week Dooce ranted about the haters on the Internet. Because I'm clearly avoiding doing something more profitable with my time, I spent an hour googling and searching Twitter to see what the haters were saying. (I'm not proud.) This led me down a blackhole of hate websites.

There are apparently dozens of websites that are devoted to mocking Dooce and Pioneer Woman. One website had elaborate photographs of dolls dressed up to look like the bloggers. Yes, dolls. Some blog posts had hundreds of comments. That sort of dedication towards hating a complete stranger is so crazy that it's almost inspiring. (Sorry. No links to this stuff.)

What's the hate about? In Dooce's case, some people were pissed off about the separation from her husband, but that was a minor complaint. Most people hated Dooce and Pioneer Woman because they've made a lot of money from blogging. She used to be like me, but then she got rich and now she has a diamond covered driveway. Apparently, Dooce makes $40K a month in advertising revenue and PW makes more. 

Now, I totally get rich people hatred, especially when the rich person is clueless. In this crappy economy, even middle class people have to be sensitive about these matters. I strongly believe in a highly progressive tax system and creating a better education system to help to rectify inequalities. But maybe, just maybe, rich people hatred can be a little counter productive. 

The Bella Example

I don't have much good to say about Rick Santorum. He practices a form of Catholicism that's not mine. There is probably very little that we agree about politically. But I think agree with Joe Klein that Santorum's love for his disabled daughter is inspiring. 

My son's disability is relatively minor. Yes, there are inconveniences that come along with raising a kid who gags at the sight of new food, sometimes struggles to find the right words, and needs elaborate systems of rules to feel secure, but overall, we absolutely blessed to have him in our lives. Perhaps if Ian was burdened with more a severe horrible condition that caused him endless pain, I would feel like Emily Rapp. I'm not sure. 

Still, I meet families every day who have children somewhere on the disability scale between Ian and Emily Rapp's son, and the love they have for their children is humbling. Perfection is highly over rated. 

Puerto Rico #1


Last week, the gang and I took a five day trip to Puerto  Rico. We've never been south of Florida, so this was a great adventure. There were lots of first time experiences – a swim up pool bar, a drive through a rain forest, a sun burn in February.

At the same time, there was a lot of familiarity. I lived in Washington Heights for 12 years, so nearly everyone we talked to had been a neighbor at one time or another. You lived on 181st Street? No way! We lived on 187th! 

The kids enjoyed the beach and the pool. Ian ate tostones, and Jonah had empanadas. We explored San Juan.

Of course, adventures are limited with kids. They do like things safe and comfortable. It would be splendid to go back at some point without them and travel around in a jeep. The top down. Hair sunbleached and wild. Visiting remote sea villages and eating grilled fish that just flopped out of the ocean.