Gift Guide 2011 #8: Random Picks

I'm too burnt out to make nice looking, organized gift guides this year. I'm just going to post links to some of the best things that I found (some bought, some not) while shopping. 

LEGO Alarm Clock Radio – BlueLEGO Coin BankLEGO The Calendar, Xbox 360 Kinect bundle (Target gives you a $80 gift card with purchase this week), 3DSSkyrim, Angry Birds Plush Toy (When did we stop calling them "stuffed animals?"), hoodies (apparently, coats are NOT cool), a coat (I don't care what middle school kids think is cool.), Postcards From Penguin (Drop dead gorgeous cards of old Penguin covers, like Catcher in the Rye and a Room of One's Own. I'm going to glue some of my favorites onto a board and then frame them. If they are sold out on Amazon, Pottery Barn has them, too.) 

But now I'm feeling guilty about sending you to Amazon

One thought on “Gift Guide 2011 #8: Random Picks

  1. We stopped calling them stuffed animals because so many of them aren’t *animals* anymore. I’ve knit soft toys (robots, to be exact) and I’ve bought a stuffed Torah. There’s a line of plush microbes (want your kid to carry Campylobacter or Rhinovirus around with him instead of a tiger?) and there is the Ugly Doll line of monster plushies.


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