The Referendum on Rhee

Michelle-Rhee Fenty's defeat in DC will certainly lead to the dismissal of Michelle Rhee as the school superintendent in DC.

Joanne Jacobs has a good rundown of commentary by Andrew Rotherham, Jay Matthews, and Rick Hess.

I'm very disappointed to see Rhee leave. With only three years on the job, we're not going to be able to see the long term impact of her reforms. It sends a message to reformers across the country that they shouldn't be too ambitious or piss off the unions.

3 thoughts on “The Referendum on Rhee

  1. Yglesias is good, too: “One is that I think Michelle Rhee unquestionably ended up doing this city a disservice with her habit of spending more time courting a nationwide constituency than on painful block-by-block selling of her message in skeptical communities. The fact that she packaged this posture up as an ‘I don’t do politics’ persona was part of the misguided sales job and not a real reason.”


  2. I don’t like Michelle Rhee. But, I don’t follow DC politics enough to understand why Fenty’s defeat would necessarily affect her. Was the election basically about schools?


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