Wedding Guest Attire


I don't know if it's an Italian-American thing or an east coast thing, but wedding guests always black around here. I have rotated a handful of black sheath dresses to the past few weddings. Tonight, I'm branching out and going with an Easter egg skirt and a black t. Call me crazy.

I'm going to the wedding of my third cousin, John. It promises to be a big bash. I'll be disappointed if the black ice machine isn't involved. Also, the cherries jubilee.

8 thoughts on “Wedding Guest Attire

  1. In the South, wearing black to a wedding was right up there with pissing in the hot tub on the list of things one doesn’t do. In the last few years, though, I’ve noticed a lot more little black cocktail dresses at Southern weddings (and a consequent increase in septuagenarian clucking). I suspect that the thinking runs like this: “This wedding is a big damn deal, and my fanciest outfit is this black sequined cocktail dress, ergo, I’m good.”
    The septuagenarians (in mind and birth certificate), meanwhile, attribute the decision to regrettable sluttiness, failure of upbringing, and MTV.


  2. In the Northeast, you don’t wear black to a wedding. I once wore a dark green dress to a wedding, and got The Look from quite a few female guests.


  3. I also thought you weren’t supposed to wear black to a wedding, and that was the excuse for all the non-black fancy dresses out there.
    I think you’re going to look fabulous (and shimmery). But, I want to know what jewelry and earrings you’re going to wear. Shouldn’t they be tastefully arrayed on the dress too (or is that a necklace that we can’t quite see on the top of the shimmery top).


  4. Must be an Italian-American thing. I’m in the midwest, and I don’t see any other ethnic group doing this—but my people? we’re out in full force with the black. Probably because we look so damn good in it! Pastels….don’t look so good on us.


  5. I’ve never been to a Jewish wedding, but I once went to a wedding where the couple were vegetarians. I was afraid of the reception, which was unnecessary as the bride was some kind of cheese genius and I ate very well.


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