5 Best Gifts for Father’s Day

Jonah has entire week of half days at school now. He'll watch movies in the morning and then we'll amuse ourselves in the afternoon until camp starts. This afternoon, he's going to help pick up a couple of things for Father's Day. In case you're like me and haven't shopped yet, here are some ideas:

  1.  Audubon Cling-A-Wing Globe Style Bird Feeder. I suppose a bird feeder is a cliche, but Steve loves his.
  2.  A World Cup 2010 Soccer T-Shirt
  3. A good book, like The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Oh wait, that's for me.
  4. OK, maybe a book that's on Steve's wish list, like Liar's Poker.
  5. Every guy needs a casual date night shirt. Even if he doesn't know that he needs one.


3 thoughts on “5 Best Gifts for Father’s Day

  1. Not only have I read all the Larsson books, but I’ve seen all the (Swedish) movies. Love. Them. The books are filled with too much detail and Mikael is what we in fandom call a Mary-Stu. (Stu, because it’s a male character.) But Lisbeth is just wonderful.
    My kids are done on Monday.


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