A Stay-cation

Last week was hectic for a lot of reasons. It took me away from the blog and the online world, and I plan to repent with a bunch of posts tomorrow.

Steve was home for a stay-cation. He took a week off to decompress from his stressful job. He intended to cloister himself up in our office with extended time in front of his Rome game, but that didn't really happen. I intended to get lots of writing done with Steve home to pick up the slack on the chores. That didn't really happen either.

Steve water sealed the back porch and an IKEA picnic table. We planted our little victory garden in the backyard. We had meetings at the kids' schools, and our old Toyota needed a new front strut system. I don't really know what a front strut is, but it sure is expensive.

One day was spent driving up to Cold Spring, a little town along the Hudson about an hour north of here. Cold Spring is one of many little towns along the Hudson that has attempted to revitalize by bringing in kayakers and antique seekers. It sandblasted old brick buildings and set up cafes that serve little sandwiches with watercress.


Too bad that all antique shops and museums are closed on Wednesdays. Argh.

Even without the antiques and the watercress, it was a fantastic trip. We window shopped in front of darkened stores and found one cafe that was open. We wandered down to the river and admired the view.



We drove to Beacon, another cute town nearby, to check out Dia Beacon. Dia is a museum that specializes in large installation pieces. But that was also closed. Nevermind. We'll be back again soon.

The week didn't quite work out as planned, but it was still great. Steve kept me company as I took the kids to soccer and therapy. He helped make dinner and get the kids ready for school in the morning. We returned to our old habits of equal parenting for that small window of time. 


6 thoughts on “A Stay-cation

  1. That’s sweet. 🙂 We spent our weekend apart. He went shooting on the Cape, and I went to NY with the kids and dog.


  2. My ideal and it IS a complete fantasy, is that the man and I would each do about 3-4 hours of paid work a day. Then the unpaid work of life would be shared, leaving lots of time with our 4 year old daughter and friends and extended family. And time for creative projects.
    That Middle Ages family making shoes around the hearth sometimes sounds very attractive.


  3. “That Middle Ages family making shoes around the hearth sometimes sounds very attractive.”
    You wouldn’t like the dental plan.


  4. My academic husband is around more these days — post-semester and heading into sabbatical. It makes a big difference to have company for the soccer schlepping, doesn’t it?


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