I’m Taking Off

I'm out of here. We're visiting family and Disney for the week. I've been nursing an sinus infection for days. It would be nice if my head doesn't explode during take-off on tomorrow's flight.

Three fabulous guest bloggers will help out in my absence:

Suze is an old friend from my publishing days. After twenty years in
publishing, Suze recently received her MA in education. She has taught
English in tough schools in Manhattan. She is also setting up a website
to edit profiles on Match.Com. She might share some of her stories
about teaching and dating. Last summer, she guest blogged about cheating on your dating profiles and gin-soaked raisins.

Macaroni is a political science professor with an expertise on
technology and the Internet. She's also a fantastic dresser and really
keyed into hip, urban living. Newly married, she's seen a ton of movies
that I have to wait a year to get on Netflix. Maybe she'll talk about
her research. Last summer, she guest blogged about losing weight by eating cereal and building a good marriage

Xfiles8dvd_mulder Jeremy is also a political science professor and a former colleague. He specializes in voting behavior and political methodology. He's done much cited research on the voting behavior of veterans. Jeremy is also an avid photographer, a former musician, and a fan of vintage motorcycles. Jeremy might talk about politics or he might rant about the Toyota recall or maybe share info on the best dives in Austin, TX.

Have fun, everyone!


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