My Less Crappy House (Part Four)

Here's the old kitchen.

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Here's the new kitchen and powder room.

DSC_0001 DSC_0008 DSC_0009

Our contractor was amazed that we wanted to keep that brick chimney exposed. He just rolled his eyes and said "whatever you want, professor."

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At first, the new kitchen intimidated me, but now we've grown accustomed to each other.

7 thoughts on “My Less Crappy House (Part Four)

  1. That wooden crate in your powder room is a good idea. I have no idea where to put the extra TP in our bathroom with a pedestal sink.


  2. Wow, the renovations are beautiful! Really amazing : )
    I laughed at “whatever you want professor.” I insisted that the existing floors be stripped when we ripped out the carpeting. Again and again people wanted to install new flooring over the existing floor.


  3. Please tell me you cleaned up for three days before you took those pictures!
    It’s gorgeous. When I grow up, I would like to have a kitchen like that. Including the empty counter space. Like that’s ever going to happen in my house…
    No, seriously. Clever solutions all around, and I do love the exposed brick chimney. I’m swooning!


  4. My kitchen looks almost like a carbon-copy of your “before” kitchen, except where you have the oven in the wall, is just a wall for me. My stove is right next to the sink, with just a tiny sliver of counter (enough for the coffeemaker) between them.
    Someday, I will have a supercool gourmet kitchen, too. I already drew my plans out! I have damn near no counter space, which makes prep a PITA.


  5. I like yellow myself, but I recently saw a very pretty rich cream used with dark woodwork like yours in Amy Poehler’s character’s bungalow on Parks and Recreation. I was just looking at a photo gallery from the episode (“Leslie’s House”), but the colors looked totally different on the TV (they’re pretty washed out on the laptop), so I don’t really want to give a link. A nice warm cream would be friendly to your existing stuff and also look swell by candlelight.


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