Stewart on Global Warming

And a break from list making (via MM)

3 thoughts on “Stewart on Global Warming

  1. My my my, here it is 4 whole days and nary a comment here by the usual suspects or ANYONE on J. Stewart’s skewering of the left and the AGW movement. I check in each day like a trapper checking his lines, but no joy. Gee, I wonder why? Looks like the humor street runs one-way for some people…..or did everyone see it in the original while worshiping at the alter….


  2. Virgil, I’m a leftie and I thought it was funny enough to post here. Also, posts w/video clips and no commentary from me almost never get comments. Click on the Film, TV, YouTube videos tag and you’ll see. Stop picking a fight here.


  3. Oh, I know YOU re a pretty balanced type, laura–and most of those “on the left” who post here seem relatively undogmatic compared to many left of center sites–which is why I enjoy your site. I guess I could have waited longer, but I thought 4 days was enough, so I posted to see if anyone would rise to the bait. My general observation is that leftists in general are pretty much incapable as a group of laughing at themselves. Of course when one is a true gnostic, er, “progressive” with the certitude of those in sole possession of the ultimate “truth” about things, it is pretty hard to take criticism–humorous or otherwise–from people so obviously wrong. The total lack of comments over 4 days (an eon in blog-time) would seem to bear this out. By contrast something on Palin would, I’ll wager, garner far, far more snark. Of course it COULD be a simple aberration, but somehow…..
    The old “the proof is in the pudding” would seem to apply here….
    Hey, I’m pretty Catholic about it all, and am perfectly willing to be proved wrong in the event, I watch Stewart on a regular basis too, you know..


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