Child-care and Sick Days

Two interesting posts deal with the problem of low-wage work and childcare.

At Moms Rising, Marianne Bullock explains that the H1N1 virus has been spreading in certain communities, where the residents have jobs that do not allow for paid sick days.

I heard the wonderful Dr. Barbara Ferrer speak on Boston’s NPR station
about the recent study conducted after this spring’s influenza/H1N1
outbreak. She was asked to comment on the fact that H1N1 had
disproportionately affected blacks and Latinos in the Boston metro area
and why this may be. Three-quarters of those infected with swine flu in
Mass are Black or Latino. One of the main reasons she gave was that
people can’t stay home when they are sick because of lack of paid sick

Lisa Belkin tells a horror story about a woman who had not worked enough hours to qualify for state child care assistance, but still had to go to work. It's a kid in a hot car story, so read at your own risk. 

These stories are stomach-turning. Yet, it continues because the state pushes women off welfare, but doesn't pay for the child-care or nursery school or therapy.

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