The Lake George Vacation

MapWe spent last week at Lake George in the Adirondacks, four hours north of us. I really needed it. The water was clean and calm. I read a couple of books. We lazily played in the water, ate out for dinner, and explored. Jonah and Steve caught a pile of fish. And Ian made a volcano in the sandy-dirt by the side of the lake.

Before we went away, I was completely overwhelmed. I sobbed to my sister, "I don't want to go away. It's not going to be relaxing." My sister said, "Why not?" I wailed, "Because my children are going to be there!"

Even if my kids were there, it was still a much needed break from the computer, home chores, routines, and other nonsense. Our new motto is no more working on the weekends! We plan to fly away north whenever we can.

Here are some pictures:

DSC_0033 The cabin.

DSC_0103 Fort Ticonderoga. Steve explained to Jonah that the French-Indian War was the first World War. Every time we drove by the place that the Indians massacred the English Settlers, Steve pointed it out to the kids. He loves history lessons with an NC-17 rating.


DSC_0162 At the garnet mine.

DSC_0168DSC_0171 Got some amazing German sausages at this place. I love food signs that depict animals happily offering their body parts to humans. "Here! Please eat my sausages. They're WAY tasty!"


5 thoughts on “The Lake George Vacation

  1. That looks fantastic. For a couple of summers we flew up from KY and spent a week at a ‘family camp’ on Lake Winnepasaukee. Our routine there is eat, swim, read, nap, repeat. Our kids get so worn out and the routine is so kid-friendly that they don’t create too much trouble for us. And seeing them never complain once about the lack of video games, TV or internet is heart-warming.
    Need to make it up the Lake George area myself one of these days. I haven’t seen that part NY.


  2. Wow; beautiful photos, Laura. Glad you had fun. Ever been to Maine? Some friends of ours who used to live on Long Island, then in Connecticut, used to head to Maine for summer get-aways fairly regularly. Always made us envious. Someday…


  3. RAF, you should tour scenic Nebraska. I remember taking a friends to the top of the capitol building in Lincoln. Among the many questions were “Have we looked this direction before or are that just that many grain elevators?”


  4. This weekend, I went to NY by myself to attend my cousin’s wedding and my husband stayed home with the kids (made easier by a RI state holiday giving him today off).
    They went to the beach at noon on Saturday, and I planned to leave at 3. Once they left I promptly had a major panic attack at the thought of going to NY without them. I kept asking myself if I was on crack, but basically, I think it’s a lose-lose situation. Can’t vacation with them, can’t go away without them.


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