Wine and Cheese

DSC_0056Last week, I picked up a bottle of New Jersey wine at the local farmer's market. For Jersey wine, it was pretty good. I chose their Vidal, a light white that seemed like a good summer afternoon wine. So that meant a spontaneous wine and cheese party. Invited over the neighbors and served goat cheese, edamame, trail mix, and pepperoni — whatever was in the cabinet.

In exchange for the nibbles, I got the gossip. I was amused to learn that a woman up the block walks her overweight teenagers over to 7/11 every morning for breakfast. Big gulps and a bag of chips — breakfast of champions.

DSC_0061 DSC_0067 Steve is very proud of himself for opening the wine with the world's worst corkscrew. We somehow broke the other ones, and all that remained was a complementary bottle opener from the Moosehead Tavern in Cresskill. We're classy like that.

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