Sunday at the Cloisters

DSC_0205 When we woke up on Sunday, it was such a marvelous day that we decided to jump into the city for a quick tour of the Cloisters.

We shared a couple of brunches at the New Leaf Cafe and walked through the park. When we were in the museum, we checked out the gardens and the fabulous view.

Jonah and I took pictures, because the lighting is just perfect in there. I showed Jonah how to focus and line up his shots and he took some strange pictures of the little signs that identified the various herbs in the gardens.

During the closing credits of Rain Man, they show the photographs taken by the Dustin Hoffman character. Jonah's pictures are often like that. He takes pictures of cartoons on the TV and his shadow and things. Love it. Here are my pictures.


5 thoughts on “Sunday at the Cloisters

  1. They’re still gorgeous!
    I’m a fairly serious amateur photographer, and I love the pictures my kids take, when they pay attention. Once they understand what they’re doing, they definitely produce a fresh perspective.


  2. We should compare Jonah’s photo’s with Paul’s (fyi, everybody, Paul is about 50 years older than Jonah, and teaches art + does his own). He has scores of closeups of the stone walls, individual blades of grass, mulch, and so on. He also has lots of photos of the tv screen during Obama’s inauguration. He has grand plans about what he’s going to do with all these.


  3. “He also has lots of photos of the tv screen during Obama’s inauguration”
    Me too :-). I’ve been intrigued at how well pictures of a digital tv screen reproduce. No grand plans for what I’m going to do with them, though. But, megabytes (or gigabytes, or even terrabytes) are pretty cheap these days.


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