Cool, Free Things Online

Martha_276x344_drinkparasols I linked to Gladwell's review of Chris Anderson's Free, and you guys mentioned the HP's downloadable craft projects. Awesome. I'll have to check it out.

I just signed up for Travelocity's Fare Watcher Plus, so they can let me know when the flights to Cananda go down. (Ugh. Should have bought my ticket last week.)

What other cool/free/handy things have you recently found online?

9 thoughts on “Cool, Free Things Online

  1. Big girl has gotten to be a Star Trek fan and she and my husband are eventually planning to make an Enterprise paper craft and hang it from the ceiling of her bedroom. In the past, they’ve already done a space shuttle, a rocket, a couple of planes, etc.


  2. Have you already got your hotel reservations in Toronto, Laura? I picked up mine earlier this week. The conference hotel is already sold out. I ended up at the York, or whatever it is, about six blocks away from the APSA convention. Bummer.


  3. APSA? I’ve only been once, years ago when I was able to confirm that Phil Converse does indeed look like Col. Sanders. Can I give you a list of people to smack?


  4. I stayed in the York when I went to MLA in Toronto one year. I liked it, and the walk wasn’t so bad, even though MLA is in fargin’ late December.


  5. You should check to see if the York is connected to the underground tunnel system to get around the city. I’m pretty sure it is and it is a great way to get around in the winter.


  6. Yes, give me the list, MH. I like smacking people.
    I put off getting a flight and a hotel, but we couldn’t decide if I was going with the family or if I was going solo. Glad that you’re going, too, Russell. Let’s have coffee.


  7. Will do, Laura. I’m planning on attending your panel, anyway. Let’s see if we can round-up Dan or Jacob or Scott and have a blogger lunch on Saturday or something. (Awesome title for your paper, by the way.)


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