Weekend Journal

With the week o' rain finally over, picnic season is officially in gear. Backyard patios, charred meat, and beers. No ambrosia, but still marvelous.

One of the BBQs was mostly occupied by adults and babies, so we let the kids bring their DSI. They barely looked up, ate, or blinked, while they played. We don't let them play much during the week, so they gorge when they get the chance. One of the guys at the party asked if they played all night like some Korean boys. "Oh, no," we said, "We would never allow that."

The next morning was Mother's Day. Steve made breakfast and Ian was bopping about. I watched Open House NYC with a cup of coffee. But Jonah didn't get out of bed.

Around 8:45, I walked into his room to see if he was still alive. He stirred slightly in bed and told me to let him sleep. Instead I started picking up around the room. I saw the DSI on his dresser. Some sort of mom-bat sense kicked in. I asked, "did you play DSI in bed last night?" "Yes," he quickly confessed. "Whaaaaat?!!"

He started bawling. Steve came in outraged. Computer privileges were revoked for a week. Jonah was such a mess that Steve and I suspected very late night game playing. We shoved some toast and bacon in his mouth and sent him off to soccer in that sorry state.

Then Steve and I retreated to the kitchen to snicker. Sometimes they are cutest when they screw up terribly.