Midweek Journal

At 8:26, I yelled down the stairs, "Jonah, bus time! Hurry!" I ran down to help him pack up and get him on the bus. He shoved his feet in his sneakers that have been tied with a knot, because he's too lazy to make a bow. I made him change into jeans that didn't have a hole in the knees. "HURRY! It's 8:28!"

He then loaded up his backpack. The contents:
– a brown bag with a snack
– a math worksheet not in the homework folder. It will be in a crumpled ball by the time he gets to school.
– spelling homework, handwriting homework. Also not in the folder.
– His Diary of Wimpy Kid – Do It Yourself book
– a pencil sharpener
– a deck of cards
– one rubber snake (No school day is complete without a rubber snake.)
– seven key chains hanging off the zipper
– last week's homework folded into an origami football
– a recorder

We ran to the corner in time with the backpack bouncing off his back and his coat wadded up under his arm.

I have quite a bit to do today. I'm making the list of chores and debating whether I'll be more productive at home or at the office.

2 thoughts on “Midweek Journal

  1. LOL. My daughter (same age as Jonah) loads up her backpack with all her homework (which is all in its proper folders) but also with several stuffed animals of various sizes. Silvia the koala is a frequent visitor to school, but there are other small ones that she puts in a purse that she puts in her backpack.
    The other night, she was complaining about all the new cafeteria rules. My husband and I urged her to write a letter to the principal about them. She thinks they’re unfair to the kids. (They have 5 minutes of silence at lunch. Why? It’s lunchtime! They’re kids!) I told her that I could call Mr. M and complain, but it’s her problem and she should deal with it, and I’d help her write the letter if she wanted, but it should come from her. So far she hasn’t taken me up on it. I became a bit of an ass-kicker from watching my dad in action, so I’m going to step up modeling how to kick ass and take names. 🙂


  2. Wendy, my girls also bring in animals every day, usually Beanie-Baby-sized cats, of which we have about fifteen, it seems like!


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