Midweek Journal

An ice storm has hit Northern New Jersey. The skies are a desolate gray and the salt trucks keep driving by. My neighbor's K-Mart Special Christmas decorations are flattened. The inflatable Santa on a motorcycle may never see another Christmas. Too bad.

Perhaps it's the weather, perhaps I've watched that Ang Lee movie too many times, but things feel really weird today.

Someone left a message on the machine that Ian's school was delayed, but didn't say by how long. One hour? Two hours? So, I keep peering out the window for the little school bus. I suppose I could just call someone to find out, but that would involve effort.

That Burris guy is banging on the door of the Senate, but the other Senators are pretending that they can't hear him.

Every time I think I know what I'm going to do next May, something else happens that pulls me in another direction. It's good to have lots of opportunities, but things aren't happening in a straight line. I'm just saying yes to everything and seeing what happens. Luckily, nothing is stressing me out anymore. I'm really enjoying being with my kids these days and that's keeping me laughing at all the absurdities in my professional life.

I've been drinking beverages next to my computer for twenty years next to my computer and never once have I ever spilled anything on the keyboard. Until last week. Now, I've done it twice. Orange juice a few days ago and beer last night. The keyboard recovered from the beer, but not the OJ. Note to self: drink more beer.

So, things feel off today. Not quite right. Upside down world. And I'm cool with that.

2 thoughts on “Midweek Journal

  1. What? No pictures of the flattened yard decorations? I saw a flattened inflatable Santa the other day that looked more like the outline of a body in a crime scene. I wish I had had my camera. It was pretty funny.


  2. I didn’t get to the camera in time. The neighbors threw the deflated Santa and the flattened SpongeBob on the porch, which looks even more awful, but doesn’t make for a good picture.


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