Spreadin’ Love

Best viral videos of 2008.

The numbers for retail sales this holiday season. (Hint – better not sit on those gift cards for long.)

I didn't blog this year about the fishes and Christmas Eve. I see others did. Here's some of our spread:


7 thoughts on “Spreadin’ Love

  1. Would a dead pool for magazines be in better taste? This morning I got a postcard announcing that Cottage Living is no longer publishing, and the remainder of my subscription is going to be made up with issues of Southern Living.


  2. I was one of the few people to subscribe to Linga Franca (back when I had spare time and more concern for culture). When it went under, I got a nice apology letter, which was more than I expected.


  3. Lingua Franca was lovely. I miss it. On the other hand, I read stuff online, so I was part of the problem.


  4. I’ve never gone very far out of my way to defend the media, but I will say that the magazine is still the best format known to man for reading in the room with no upholstered furniture. Until somebody makes a Kindle that can take a drop on the tile or a bit of water, I’ll never completely quite them.


  5. The bears over at thehousingbubbleblog.com have it in for the following businesses: doggie bakeries, pirate stores, make-your-own-candle stores and life coaching. (Speaking of candles, there was a fantastic episode of The Office last year in which Michael and Jan give a dinner party and it comes out that (among other horrors) Jan has taken over an entire room of Michael’s condo with her candle-making enterprise.)


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