The Divorce Calculator

What are the odds that you'll get divorced? Well, according to the divorce calculator, 3% of people like me get divorced, while 7% of people like my husband get divorced. Gotta keep him away from Madonna.

5 thoughts on “The Divorce Calculator

  1. Hmm- my data reveals that while 20% of similar people are already divorced, the estimate for us to be divorced in the next 5 years is N/A.
    I think they think we’ll die first…


  2. I was at 17% already divorced, 6% coming up soon… my husband, 18% and 5%.
    Anyone else notice that only women get asked whether they have kids?! Even if that e.g., has a bigger impact on women’s experience of marriage, it still seems like each completed divorce, with kids or no, should generally involve one person of each gender, right?


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