Pink and Blue Explosion

Via Sullivan, Korean artist, Jeongmee Yoon photographed children who would only wear and buy gender specific clothes and toys.


5 thoughts on “Pink and Blue Explosion

  1. As a three-year-old, my daughter spent several months referring to herself as “Thomas” (as in Thomas the Tank Engine) and insisting on wearing only blue clothing (to be like Thomas).


  2. Daughter currently has a bunch of stick-on wall decals with fish, dolphins, etc (son has cute jungle animal decals, but both sets of decals are slowly disappearing). We rent, so it’s not going further than decals right now, but we have discussed doing the underwater room thing in our future house. It seems like such an easy, attractive theme to go with. Her taste is in flux, though, so who knows what we’ll do when the time comes. I’ve seen some very nice insta-murals online. My upcoming addition to her decor (a Christmas gift) is a laminated US map for us to mark trips on with dry erase markers. I’ve always loved those huge world maps that you sometimes see in children’s rooms in books and magazines, while realizing that it may not be her thing.


  3. My son is also into maps, and we have one that we got in a Doctors Without Borders fundraising packet (ack, make note to send $) on our kitchen wall. He’s fascinated by identifying the countries, where they are and what their capitals are. But I don’t think he has a sense of them as *places*, just as shapes and words on a piece of paper.


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