Home Improvement, Final Installment

Well, the stupid kitchen is about 95% complete. The guys have a long list of little things to do. I suppose I should be bugging them to come back to finish off the job, but I’m enjoying the quiet.

When the workers first came, I was all mi casa, su casa with them. Which was fine, except they took the su casa part too far. I would come home from work to find five or six guys hanging out in my dining room drinking beer. They were marching upstairs to use my bathroom. They were commenting on the bottles in our recycling garbage bin. Lines had been crossed.

Then I became very neurotic about having the workers know that we were slobs. The breakfast dishes had to be cleaned up and the table wiped before I left the house. It took several trips up and down the stairs to the bathroom sink to get the dining area in order. Since the workers were using our upstairs bathroom, I had to make sure that the dirty underwear was pushed to the bottom of the laundry hamper, and my hair dryer was put away.

I hadn’t expected the process to be so stressful and time consuming. Because I’m a moron.  I should have had the work done when the semester was over.

As painful as this process was, the kitchen itself is fabulous. Maybe too fabulous. Steve and I have never bought a new appliance before. We’ve always lived with appliances that date back to the days of Pufnstuf. Now we have shiny new appliances. Our microwave can sense how many potatoes are in there and then cooks them for just the right amount of time. We’re a little freaked out by how smart the microwave is. And then there are the cabinets with the crown molding and metal knobs. I think our kitchen is too good for us. I think the cabinets are laughing at my fat ass when my back is turned. The dishwasher notices the muffin top on the top of my jeans.

Still, it’s a great room. There’s lots of room for us to cook and do homework together. It’s a family room. On Sunday, we’ll be making a Easter ham in there for 15 friends and family. I can’t wait.



10 thoughts on “Home Improvement, Final Installment

  1. You definitely must stay on top of them to finish all the little stuff. They will not do it otherwise, as they are likely off to other bigger jobs. They don’t like finishing the little stuff. Trust me. Been there…..


  2. I like the corner sink. We’ve been discussing renovating our kitchen and one change I’d make would be to move the sink out of the middle of the counter and to the corner. Corners are such wasted space and the sink takes up so much counter space.
    Lookin’ good!


  3. I love those cabinets. I’m envious.
    Good luck with yout ham. We’ll be feeding my parents, Melissa’s parents, and a couple of guests tomorrow, all attending for our second daughter’s baptism. I hope two hams will go far enough!


  4. beautiful! much better than the before pictures. and your husband looks like the fun kind of ex u of c grad student (ie the one who is not a snob about his studies).


  5. Well, we can’t cook up the Easter Bunny now.
    Good luck with your renovations, Elizabeth. Are you going to post pictures on the other blog? We’re going to paint the room in white with a touch of earthy green. But that won’t happen until the semester is over.


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