Louder and With Feeling…

You know what? I didn’t say it clearly enough in the last post… GO VOTE!!

Not because the wonky-wonks, like myself, like a close race and take glee in polling figures. Vote because it is the right thing to do.

Paul Krugman wrote in today’s Times, … the more people vote, the more vital is our democracy.

By coming to the polls, citizens are literally giving a vote of confidence in American democracy. And in so doing, they are proving themselves wiser than some of those they elected. (via Crooked Timber)

And take your kids with you. I’m waiting until Jonah gets out of school at 3:00, even though the lines will be long at that point, because I want both boys in the booth with me when I pull the lever. I’ve already explained to my five year the basics about voting. Jonah told me that he wanted to vote for the one that was going to win, but that was discouraged.

I remember going to the booths with my dad. He would still be wearing his tweed jacket from work and smelling like fall. He would hoist me up in his arms and have me pull the lever for him. Back then it was probably a Democratic lever. That was before dad’s great party switch.

Assure that your kids will grow up to be voters. Take them with you to vote and explain why we do this.

One thought on “Louder and With Feeling…

  1. I can remember taking my daughter to vote with me when she was a baby, a toddler, and a young child. This year she came home from college between classes to go with me to the polls — and vote for the first time herself.
    I’m still holding out hope that her generation swings this election ….


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