Go Vote!

It’s election day, and the pundits are puzzled. No answers about who’s going to going to be dancing amidst fallling balloons tonight.

There are a hundred senarios. What if no candidates gets 270 electoral college votes? The election could get thrown to the House which would pick the President and the Senate which would pick the vice-president. Could have a Bush/Edwards presidency.

The pollsters have no answers. Blacks seems to be polling slightly higher than usual for Bush. Still it’s only 18% or so. Could they make a difference? The very religious conservatives didn’t come out and vote in the last election. What will happen this time? And then there are the mysterious, young, cell phone users. And what about Nader?

If the results are very different from the polling data, the pollsters could be out of business Nov. 3rd.

God, this is good stuff. Lots of little posts throughout the day.

2 thoughts on “Go Vote!

  1. And of course, the polls don’t include anyone who uses a cell phone as his/her primary phone. That means that this election could get decided by …. well, young people mainly. College students, young urban professionals….


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