Holidays and All

We had a very strange holiday season.

It started off pleasantly. I scaled waaayyy back from all the nuttiness figuring that I shouldn’t do stuff that doesn’t make me happy. So, no cookies, no personalized presents to the old aunties, no gifts to all of Ian’s teachers and aides. There were scaled back gifts for everyone, because, really, we don’t need anything.

I didn’t even do Christmas cards this year. That was a hard one to skip, because about fifteen years ago I started a binder with plastic sheets preserving every year’s card, newsletter, notes to Santa, and my own shopping list. I imagined presenting this binder with twenty years of memories to Jonah sometime in the future, and he would be so very grateful. (yeah) Well, I think fifteen years is enough.

With my reduced list of chores and simplified shopping list, I was sailing into Christmas nicely. I finished my writing chores for the month early, too. And then… Steve got sick. He got really, really sick. And ended up in the hospital for two days. It was a virus that went haywire into a bacterial infection of the gut, not appendicitis like they originally thought. Family pitched in, and we’re all cool now.

Steve’s back at work, and I’m starting my research on a new article. I need to get a jump start on it this week, because next week, we’re going to Yale. Their child study team is going to do a two-day evaluation on Ian. More on that later.

I’m in a bloggy mood, so I’ll be around all week. Hope you’re all doing well.

2015 Gift Guide – Mega Post, Part Two

Thanks, guys, for clicking and buying through Apt. 11d. Let me throw up another quick post, before returning back to my article. Ah, virtual shopping is so much better than writing.

  1. Ian wants a Bongo Drum, but this green ukulele is pretty sweet.
  2. The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing is an OCD-miracle.
  3. Jonah is going to Germany this spring with his German class. That’s his big present this year. We’ll wrap up a bunch of travel gear as a gift. We got this Shave Kit  for a fraction of the price at Macy’s.
  4. I’m making tiny canvas prints for my neices with their artsy, non-selfie, Instagram pictures. If you use Canvaspop, make sure you search for a coupon. They’re always half off.
  5. Steve likes to pretend that he’s not a Wall Street stiff by wearing hipster t-shirts on the weekend.
  6. This is probably the first year that I haven’t bought a video game for someone. Jonah is still addicted to last year’s purchase — FIFA 16 & SteelBook (Amazon Exclusive) – Xbox One.

Alright, time’s up. More tomorrow. The oldies are here.

2015 Gift Guide – One Mega Post

For like ten? eleven? years, I’ve done gift guides at Apt. 11D. They actually take quite a bit of time, which is something that I’m quite short on these days. So, let me do one mega post. These are items that I’ve thought about buying, bought, bought for myself, or wished I could buy this year. If you click on an Amazon link and then buy something (can be anything, not just the item in the list), I’ll get a kickback. And then I’ll use that money to buy shoes. I like shoes.

  1. Thin and warm Uniqlo jacket 
  2. SONOS PLAY:1 2-Room Streaming Music Starter Set Bundle (Black)
  3. flannel shirt
  4. Coding Games in Scratch
  5. Cuisinart Belgian Waffle Maker, Stainless Steel
  6. Zojirushi Micom 3-Cup Rice Cooker and Warmer, Black and Stainless Steel – Big enough for a family, but doesn’t seem to take up tons of room.
  7. Timberland Men’s Boot
  8. Bean-bag chair
  9. Steam Gift Card
  10. Jonah and Steve wear  Slouchy Beanie Hats all winter long
  11. But Ian wants one of these
  12. Cute bracelet


Hmmm. It’s was actually pretty fun to do this. Maybe I’ll do another one tomorrow.

Spreadin’ Love 668

I’m in between writing projects and just goofing off today. In a minute, I’m going to make a pot of chili and finish off a painting project. But first, let me post some links and photos of family adventures.

How exactly does a person ring up about $400,000 worth of college loans? Here’s how.

The Common Core and its tests are politically toxic. Oh, who started writing about this back in April? Moi.

Three higher ed articles are getting a lot of play on my Facebook page. A university president tells students that college is not daycare. Interesting back and forth about college costs.

Seven kids of an anti-vaxxer get whooping cough. Oops.