Work-Family Balance From a Woman of Color

Last year, I went to the NPR studios to talk about an article with Michel Martin. She is smart, smart, smart. I listened to her show every day this month, as I drove Ian back and forth to camp. My Facebook feed is in deep mourning, because her show was just canceled.

She wrote a really excellent piece about juggling work and family as a woman of color. Really great piece.

3 Thoughts on “Work-Family Balance From a Woman of Color

  1. NO WAY!! I’m so upset that NPR is just canceling things left and right! :-(

  2. Is this happening to everyone? We were blaming our local station for the changes they’re making — more short format, lots of repetition, getting rid of the local “talk” shows. I used to listen whenever I was in the car (which is way more than I’d like). But, these days, I find that a lot is repeated, and find myself turning the station off a lot.

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