A Tempered Capitalism

An article by David Simon went viral over the weekend. He asked for us to consider the outcomes of unchecked capitalism.

Socialism is a dirty word in my country. I have to give that disclaimer at the beginning of every speech, “Oh by the way I’m not a Marxist you know”. I lived through the 20th century. I don’t believe that a state-run economy can be as viable as market capitalism in producing mass wealth. I don’t.

I’m utterly committed to the idea that capitalism has to be the way we generate mass wealth in the coming century. That argument’s over. But the idea that it’s not going to be married to a social compact, that how you distribute the benefits of capitalism isn’t going to include everyone in the society to a reasonable extent, that’s astonishing to me.

And so capitalism is about to seize defeat from the jaws of victory all by its own hand. That’s the astonishing end of this story, unless we reverse course. Unless we take into consideration, if not the remedies of Marx then the diagnosis, because he saw what would happen if capital triumphed unequivocally, if it got everything it wanted.

2 Thoughts on “A Tempered Capitalism

  1. Maybe I’m unduly cynical, but does anyone truly believe, after reading this piece, that David Simon has actually read “Capital”? I sure don’t.

  2. It’s longer than all the Harry Potter books together. I don’t think anybody except specialists read the whole thing. I read a comic book version of it.

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